The meeting will cover all aspects of z-pinch research, including gas puff, liner, wire array, X-pinch, single wire, and dense plasma focus experiments, diagnostic methods, modelling and theoretical studies, and pulsed power drivers, along with application of such systems in inertial confinement fusion, laboratory astrophysics, space travel, basic plasma physics and other related areas. We are planning an exciting scientific program that promises to be highly stimulating, and anyone with an interest in z-pinch and related plasma systems is encouraged to attend.

Together with the international program committee, we are working to create an exciting workshop with an outstanding scientific program and large international particiption.

Lake Tahoe, an alpine lake in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, ranks among the top US vacation destinations. The conference venue, the Harvey's Resort hotel, located at the Nevada side of the Lake and nestled between Lake Tahoe and the mountains, makes it easy for travelers to enjoy seasonal recreational activities that the regional landscape is suited for, including water sports in summer.

See you at the Lake!